KEYAVIDS (Keyakizaka46 Videos) is a video streaming site that gathered all Keyakizaka46-related video with English sub from various subber. None of the video is hosted on the server but they were taken from YouTube, DailyMotion and others. All videos has been credited to the owner.

This site only wants to promote Keyakizaka46 to the world so that Keyakizaka46 popularity worldwide will increase thus, make the CD sales increase. Although there are many Keyakizaka46 content in this site, fans are encouraged to buy the original CD.

Mission & Objective

  1. Boost Keyakizaka46 popularity outside of Japan.
  2. Help new fans to get to know Keyakizaka46 better by watching their music videos, tv show, drama and others with English subtitle.

For your information, we do not put any ads that’s unrelated to Keyakizaka46 in this site. We hate ads too. The ads you’re seeing is from DailyMotion itself. We cannot do anything about it but you can.

Here’s a suggestion of what you can do:

  1. Download the video


  1. Install Adguard Adblocker

KEYAVIDS is a video streaming site so we do not provide any download links because we want to encourage poeple to visit the subber’s website which contained the download links. 


Firstly, you need to know what kind of error do you get. Sometimes, the video can’t be play only at your side.

If the error you get contained something like “removed” or “violation”, that means the video is down for all.

If the error you get contained something like “an error has occured”, or “problem playing”, most probably the video is down for temporary due to server error of that streaming site which is beyond our control.

If you’re very sure the video is down, please leave a report so we can fix it.

Everything in KEYAVIDS is subbed. If you see a video without subtitle, that means, the sub is not hardcoded, so you need to turn on the video Caption in order for the subtitle to appear. If you’re using a phone, rotate your phone first and go fullscreen. The option to turn on the Caption will show up.

We usually already reminded the viewers in the video description to turn on the caption so please be aware of it.

KEYAVIDS is not a subbing team so we couldn’t provide softsub for you. Please ask the subber which we already wrote their name in the video description.

Sometimes, people forgot to change the video quality in DailyMotion. The bad quality is due to you play it in 240p.

Please do not ask for videos to be subbed, or urge subbers to “hurry up”. Everyone in this community is a volunteer and is already doing what they can.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it unless we found a good sub to replace the video. If you notice the subber make some error, you can point that out by leaving a comment on the video so others would know.

Please understand that uploading Keyaki content is illegal so a lot of streaming websites has strong video copyright policy. Sometimes, we will use GDrive, sometimes DailyMotion, sometimes YouTube, sometimes, Archive.org because different video, different strength of copyright claim. YouTube is the most unsafe site followed by GDrive, DailyMotion and Archive.org.

Sorry, we can’t do that. That’s not the purpose of KEYAVIDS.